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We are creating a decentralized platform using blockchain and biometrics technologies striving to provide peer-to-peer banking services. Finchainly Marketplace is aimed to help reliable borrowers.


The lending platform does not incur overhead costs associated with official lending institutions. Since its introduction in 2009, the concept of blockchain has expanded its initial use as bitcoin in many other areas.


The observation that traditional lending channels are increasingly unwanted or unable to serve as lenders for individuals and small businesses was our motivation to create such platform. We decided to do something with the situation and created a global market credit platform with two goals. The first was to provide borrowers with a positive experience in obtaining personal loans through a process that is clear, fast and fair. Secondly, to offer a carefully tested selection of investment opportunities that make it possible to achieve favorable risk-adjusted returns.

The blockchain offers more secure transactions, protection against certain hacker attacks, and even, to a certain extent, eliminates the need for passwords.

How it works?



Do a request on the site, so your email will receive a message with a personal registration link



Follow your link in the email message and start the simple online process of registering and setting up your personal account. Then you will get an unique personal account ID and electronic bank card;



To help combat fraud and protect your personal information, you will be asked to provide proof of identity;



All financial services of the platform are available for you now. Start using the platform!

You interact with the same users of the blockchain platform in which all users can view the credit history of users inside the Finchainly system. P2P exchanges are becoming serious competitors in the business environment, an increasingly growing number of projects and startups speaks about this. The main difference between P2P is that participants in such systems have all the capabilities to place any world currencies, for exchange operations without expensive commissions. With P2P peer-to-peer exchange platforms, people have more opportunities to find a safe way to exchange currency with individuals located in other countries at a more favorable rate that they set themselves, unlike banks.


The processes of development of society make the borders between countries more blurred, and this applies to all spheres of life as a whole. The reaction of the financial sector was manifested in the fact that p2p lending was invented, which is now gaining active popularity around the world. Why is this happening and why is this type of lending convenient?

  • The ability to obtain a long-term loan for a period of more than twelve months and a short-term loan for up to a month.
  • Low cost of a loan when compared with banks.
  • Registration of applications, as well as receipt of money, is carried out online.
  • Minimum number of documents - only passport and code.
  • The opportunity to take a loan without veiled payments and commission fees that are so often found in a bank agreement.
  • Repayment of a loan occurs online.

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