Blockchain technology products

A decentralized blockchain system is a sequential chain of blocks containing information built on safe structures. Finchainly is a convenient digital service for economic transactions, which can be programmed to carry out any financial transactions on loans, investments and other options.

What advantages are there?

  • Decentralization. The main storage server is missing. All entries are stored by each participant in the system, therefore, the possibility of failure and loss of finance is excluded.
  • Full transparency. Any participant can track all the transactions that took place in the system.
  • Confidentiality. All data is stored in encrypted form. The user can track all transactions, but cannot identify the recipient or sender of information if he does not know the wallet number. For operations, a unique access key is required.
  • Reliability. Any unidentified approaches to change data in blockchain will be impossible, because of technology features.

App Finchainly

An application using which you can completely manage personal funds on the card. By entering the Finchainly ecosystem, you get access to safe and convenient peer-to-peer banking services in your smartphone.

Using the mobile application, you can monitor current transactions, your balance and potential transactions with creditors, customers, partners and investors at any time. Our platform allows customers to be confident in their safety, and the mobile application 100% repeats the functionality of the computer version of the system.

According to Juniper Research up to 2012 almost 3 billion people will use banking products by smartphones and other mobile devices. Results of PWC survey says that 77% of financial companies will adopt blockchain for improving their business-processes by 2020. That’s why we in Finchainly thinks that our products will be demanded and useful.

Virtual Card

This is a secure payment card that is directly connected to your personal account, designed for money transfers to anywhere in the world within the network. You can replenish the card by any bank method. This card is not tied to a bank and therefore protects you from the risks inherent in centralized banking systems. This is a special type of card product that is used only for transactions on the Internet.

It is impossible to use such a card in everyday life in ordinary stores, since it does not have a physical medium. However, now payment solutions for payment using a smartphone or smart watches are actively developing. In these cases, you can use both ordinary plastic and virtual to make purchases. By default, a virtual card is issued without a physical counterpart. Some banks produce additional plastic with an indication of the virtual card number, validity period, and CVV code on it. There are no other attributes on it, so you cannot use it for payment. Other banks issue a standard plastic card so that it can be used to credit money to a virtual account.